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Aoshi Shinomori
bulletage: 26 at the beginning of the story
bulletalso known as: Ice Blue Eyes
bulletbirthday: Jan. 1853
bulletblood type: A
bulletheight: 182 cm
bulletweight: 72kg
bulletfighting style: Kodachi Nitou-Ryu
bulletweapon: Two Kodachi (which are short swords)

Aoshi is the leader of the Oniwaban-shu. He is very serious, in fact he never smiles and often acts like he has no emotions at all. He allied himself with a greedy businessman named Kanryuu Takeda and helped him hold Megumi Takani captive, forcing her to make opium until she was rescued by the Kenshin-gumi. After being defeated by Kenshin and witnessing the deaths of his loyal men, Hanya, Beshimi, Hyotoko and Shikijo at the hands of Kanryuu, Aoshi goes on a quest for strength in order to someday defeat Kenshin. Aoshi wants to become the greatest fighter in history as a testament to his late men who were killed by Kanryuu and to prove that the Oniwaban-shu are the most powerful ninja group ever. He is also more than willing to go to whatever lengths necessary to achieve his goal. This is why he is so intent on defeating Kenshin. He even leaves the Oniwaban-shu for a period of time and allies himself with Makoto Shishio in order to have a chance to fight him again. All in all, Aoshi is a very misguided individual, but he is not actually evil and he proves himself to be a useful fighter in the end. Despite himself, he has a soft spot for Misao Makimachi, who he helped raise along the rest of the Oniwaban-shu.

Aoshi has been the head of the Oniwaban-shu since he was 15 yrs. old, when he was recommended by Okina. However, neither he or the rest of the Oniwaban-shu had a chance to fight in the Meiji Restoration.


Misao Makimachi
bulletalso known as: weasel girl
bulletanimal of assosiation:weasel
bulletbirthday: Nov. 1863
bulletblood type: B
bulletheight: 149cm
bulletweight: 37kg
bulletfighting style: kempo
bulletweapon: kunai

Misao is very happy-go-lucky, and extremely perky. Her personality is very similar to that of Kaoru's in that while she can be very cheery, she is easily angered and once angered, can be very violent ( which might explain why the two get along so well ). Misao is very proud of the fact that she is a member of the Oniwaban-shu, which is basically her adoptive family. She has always been extremely devoted to Aoshi Shinomori, the leader of the Oniwaban-shu. She is hopelessly in love him and hopes to one day finally make him smile. Misao is caring, compassionate, and friendly. Despite being somewhat tomboyish, she is actually quite sensitive. Misao first enters the story when Kenshin Himura comes across her in the woods during her search to find Aoshi and the other members of the Oniwaban group that went with him. After some squabbling and an adventure or two later she invites him to stay at the Aoiya and even provides him with the resources to locate his old master. Misao then joins the Kenshin-gumi in their fight against Shishio.

Misao was the granddaughter of the old leader of the Oniwaban-shu. Thus the entire Oniwaban-shu was like her family even after her father died, and she grew to be particularly attached to Aoshi. She was also taught martial arts by Hanya Eventually, Aoshi took the best members of the Oniwaban-shu and left the Aoiya, leaving Misao behind in the care of Okina and the remaining members of the Oniwaban-shu. When Misao became older, she would often leave the Aoiya for extended periods of time in order to search for Aoshi and the others.



The Edo Castle Group

bulletname: Beshimi
bulletabout: Beshimi can be cruel in accomplishing his objectives, but he very loyal to Aoshi and the Oniwaban-shu. He eventually sacrifices his life to save Aoshi but manages to help stop Kanryu's kiling spree in the process
bulletfighting: He uses small spiral darts which he throws. They can sometimes contain deadly poison

bulletname: Hanya

bulletname: Hyottoko

bulletname: Shikijo

The Aoiya Group

bulletname: Omasu
bulletabout: From what we see of her she is very nice and sweet. Omasu falls for Hiko aftter seeing him fight.
bulletfighting: She uses a discus around 1 ft. in diameter. She can either throw it an enemy or wear it on her arm as a shield.

bulletname: Okon
bulletabout:She, like Omasu, also falls for Hiko after seeing him fight.
bulletfighting: She throws a large boomerang ( kinda like Sango from 'Inuyasha' only not as big )

bulletname: Shirojo ( Shiro for short )
bulletfighting: He uses gigantic metal rings which he throws.

bulletname: Kurojo ( Kuro for short )
bulletabout: Kurojo is the one who found out where Shakku Arai' son and Hiko were located and delivered the information to Okina.
bulletfighting: Like Shirojo, he uses gigantic metal rings which he throws.