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Kenshin Himura
bulletage: 28 when he first meets Kaoru
bulletalso known as: Ken-san, Ken-nii, Hitokiri Battousai, shrimp
bulletanimal of assosiation: maybe a dragon, but that's stretching it.
bulletbirthday: June 20, 1849
bulletblood type: AB
bulletheight: 158cm
bulletweight: 48kg
bulletfighting style: Hiten Mitsurugi ryu
bulletweapon: sakabatou (reverse blade sword)

·  personality: During the Meiji Restoration, Kenshin was known as the legendary "Hitokiri Battousai". But after the end of the restoration he made a vow to never kill again and became a wandering Rurouni and traveled all around Japan for ten years helping people to atone for his sins. Despite the fact that he is legend, Kenshin remains exceedingly humble. He is very kind and polite, and extremely wise. Kenshin first comes to stay in Tokyo When he saves the life of Kaoru Kamiya, and she invites him to stay with her in return. Kenshin holds Kaoru in the utmost esteem, despite her very sometimes very child-like behavior. One of the reasons is because of the fact that she does not care about his past as the revolution's strongest swordsman. Since Kenshin doesn't have to pay to stay at Kaoru's dojo, he gladly helps out around the house by cooking or doing the laundry. He also serves as a mentor of sorts to Yahiko Myojin, the other border at the Kamiya dojo. Kenshin doesn't like using violence or fighting as a way to solve matters unless it's absolutely necessary. While staying at the Kamiya Dojo Kenshin continues to help others. He is good friends with Sanosuke Sagara, who he helps by making him realize that he should stop being a fighter for hire and turn his life around. Another person he helps is Megumi Takani, who he saved from a greedy businessman. Kenshin in fact tries to help so much that for a while he doesn't value his own life, and at times tries to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders.

However, Kenshin's personality does have a dark side. Whenever someone tries to harm the people close to him Kenshin becomes so enraged that his dark "Battousai" mode will take over. He loses all self control and, on several occasions comes very close to breaking his vow to never kill again. When he gets to this point, only Kaoru can make him go back to his normal peaceful self, though sometimes even she isn't enough. It is not until he fully masters the succession technique of The Hiten Mitsurugi style of swordsmanship and realizes the value of his own life, that he can finally overcome this part of his personality.

·  past: ( contains spoilers )
Kenshin was originally named Shinta, his parents died when he was just a child and he was then sold into the slave trade. However, one night a group of bandits slaughtered everyone in Shinta's traveling group. Kenshin was rescued at the last moment by Seijuro Hiko who renamed him Kenshin and took him in as his apprentice and taught him the Hiten Mitsurugi style of swordsmanship. After a few years they parted ways because of their disagreement on how the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu should be used. While still a teenager Kenshin choose to become the shadow killer for the Choshu Inshin Shishi and carried out may assassinations including one man named Akira Kiyosato who managed to cut Kenshin on his left cheek. When his employer, Katsura saw how having to kill people was affecting him, he asked Tomoe Yukishiro, a girl that Kenshin brought into the Choshu clan after she witnessed him killing another assassin (and also the late Alikra Kiyosato's fiancée, to be his sheath and save him from becoming an unrepentant killer. When things took a turn for the worse for the Choshu clan, Kenshin and Tomoe were forced to go into hiding posing as husband and wife. They eventually grew to truly love each other even though Tomoe knew that Kenshin had assassinated her fiancée. But things became complicated when Kenshin found out that Tomoe was working as a spy for the Tokugawa shogunate and a series of events were set into place, ending with tragic death of Tomoe when she tried to save Kenshin and Kenshin receiving the other half of his cross shaped scar. After Tomoe's death Kenshin agreed to still work the Choshu clan but only until the restoration was completed because he could not honor Tomoe's memory if he died as a swordsman. And so Kenshin came out into the open as the "Hitokiri Battousai" while Makoto Shishio took his place as the Choshu clan's shadow killer. After the Meiji restoration was won Kenshin left the Choshu clan and began his ten year long period of wandering.


Kaoru Kamiya
bulletage: 17 at the beginning of the story
bulletalso known as: Kaoru-donno, Takuni, Jou-chan
bulletanimal of assosiation: racoon
bulletbirthday: June, 1862
bulletblood type: O
bulletheight: 155cm
bulletweight: 41kg
bulletfighting style: Kamiya Kasshin ryu
bulletweapon: boken (wooden sword)

 ·  personality:
Kaoru is very sweet and kind, but when angered can be very belligerent and violent. She has a large heart which is what prompted her to invite Kenshin Himura to stay at her dojo in return for saving her life. As time goes by Kaoru eventually developes very strong feelings for Kenshin. The two clearly grow to care about each other deeply, though sometimes it is unclear sometimes whether Kenshin is in love with her or sees her as a little sister because of their ten year age difference. Kaoru has a very short temper which is often tested by Yahiko Myojin, the second boarder at her dojo who constantly makes fun of her. The two will often fight like brother and sister, and like brother and sister, they care about each other underneath it all. Kaoru is rather naive, and somewhat of a tomboy, which she is constantly reminded of by Megumi Takani who takes much pleasure in teasing her. As the assistant master of the Kamiya Kasshin Ryu, Kaoru views the sword as a tool to save people with, but that doesn't stop her from trying to beat people up to annoy her. Kaoru is the polar opposite of Kenshin's ex wife Tomoe which at times can cause Kaoru to feel somewhat inept as far as Kenshin is concerned. But Kaoru has her good points that appeal to Kenshin. Besides her general cheerfulness, Kaoru is unconcerned about Kenshin's past as the "Hitokiri Battousai" which was why Kenshin felt drawn to her in the first place. She also cannot cook anything to save her soul.

·  past: Kaoru is an orphan. Her parents passed away when she was very young and she was forced to fend for herself most of the time. She managed to earn a living by taking over her late father's dojo and teaching kenjutsu. However, just before the RK story begins, Kaoru looses almost all of her students because of rumors that the "Battousai" used the Kamiya Kasshin Ryu to murder people.


Sanosuke Sagara
bulletage: 19 at the beginning of the story
bulletalso known as: Sano for short, Zanza the fighter for hire, tori-atama, fish-face
bulletanimal of assosiation: rooster, it's because of the hair
bulletbirthday: Feb. 1860
bulletblood type: B
bulletheight: 179cm
bulletweight: 71kg
bulletfighting style: he uses the futai no kiwami

 ·  personality:
When he first appeared in the RK story, Sanosuke was an angry fighter for hire who made a living by beating people up and basing his prices on how much fun he had doing it. But after Kenshin Himura defeats him in battle and turns his life around, he loses a good deal of his anger and becomes a laid back, easy-going freeloader. Sanosuke is often at the Kamiya dojo, since after his fight with Kenshin he became friends with him and the rest of the dojo inhabitants. He enjoys eating at the Akabeko, though he never pays for his food and often has to borrow money from Kaoru Kamiya, who he likes to call Jou-chan. Sanosuke still enjoys fighting and always likes to be where the action is. He tries to be as much use to the Kenshin-gumi as he can be, short of doing housework or chores. He also still harbors a strong dislike for the Meiji Government. There is an underlying attraction between Sanosuke and Megumi Takani and vise versa. The two of them fight quite a bit to the point of ( sometimes violent ) flirtation. This is partly because their personalities are so similar that they clash. Another reason is because their relationship got off to a rocky start since Megumi was the maker of the opium that killed one of Sanosuke's best friends, though he eventually forgave her for this.

·  past: Sanosuke's original name was Sanosuke Higashidani. At a tender age he left his family to join the Seikihou Tai. He grew to be very attached to the captain of the Seikihou Tai, Souzou Sagara and looked up to him as a role model. However, the imperialist political party (of which the group that Kenshin was in, belonged.) falsely branded the Captain Sagara as a liar and had him and rest of the Seikihou Tai executed. Sanosuke and his best friend Katsuhiro, the two youngest members of the Seikihou Tai were the only ones who escaped with their lives. After this Sanosuke became a fighter for hire and started to wear the symbol for 'aku' meaning 'evil' on the back of his shirt to pay homage to Captain Sagara and the rest of the Seikihou Tai who were branded as 'evil' themselves. He also developed a strong hate for the imperialist political party, since they were the ones responsible for the execution of the Seikihou Tai.


Yahiko Myojin
bulletalso known as: Yahiko-CHAN
bulletanimal of assosiation: none
bulletbirthday: Jan. 1869
bulletblood type: B
bulletheight: 128cm
bulletweight: 23kg
bulletfighting style: a combination of Kamiya Kasshin and Hiten Mitsurugi
bulletweapon: shinai (bamboo sword)

 ·  personality:
Yahiko is a former pick-pocket and the second border at the Kamiya dojo, who was rescued by Kenshin and Kaoru from a local yakuza gang. He has a great deal of pride since he came from a long lineage of samurai. Yahiko wishes to be viewed as an adult despite his sometimes immature behavior, so it annoys him greatly whenever someone calls him 'Yahiko-CHAN'. He shows no respect for Kaoru, and likes to call her 'busu'. The two fight quite a bit, similar to the way a brother and sister fight. Yahiko holds Kenshin in very high esteem and is in awe of his skill. He wishes to become as strong as him when he grows up so that he hand uphold his family's name on his own. When someone makes him mad, Yahiko can be loud and sometimes violent (like the times when he climbs on top of Sanosuke and tries to bite his head) though he's not quite as violent as Kaoru. Yahiko was the one who originally coined the phrase 'Kenshin-gumi' and tries to assist in Kenshin's many battles to prove his strength. He can also show wisdom beyond his years from time to time.

·  past: Yahiko, like Kaoru, is an orphan. He is the descendent of a long line of samurai. His father fought nobly in the Shogitai where he was killed in the revolution. Yahiko's mother was forced to become a prostitute and sacrificed her well being to raise him and eventually died. After she died Yahiko began to work as a pick-pocket for a Yakuza gang in order to pay off a debt that he never owed in the first place.


Megumi Takani
bulletalso known as: kitsune, fox lady (they're basically the same thing)
bulletanimal of assosiation:fox
bulletbirthday: Dec 1857
bulletblood type: B
bulletheight: 166cm
bulletweight: 45kg
bulletfighting style: she doesn't fight

 ·  personality:
Megumi is a woman the was rescued by Kenshin and company from a greedy businessman named Kanyruu Takeda, who was forcing her to make opium. She is extremely flirtatious and often flirts with Kenshin, who was the one who helped her realize the importance of her own life when he rescued her. Megumi also enjoys teasing Kaoru Kamiya, who hates it when Megumi flirts with Kenshin. Kenshin never responds to Megumi's advances, though he sometimes becomes extremely flustered by them. Despite her teasing, Megumi acts as somewhat of a guiding force for Kaoru, teaching her to always be there for Kenshin and to smile for him in order to heal his soul. Megumi was the maker of the opium that killed one of Sanosuke Sagara's best friends, which causes the two to be on less than friendly terms in the beginning. Sanosuke eventually forgives her since she didn't willingly make the opium and the two form an odd relationship that consists of a lot of arguing and an underlying mutual attraction. Megumi can sometimes seem cold, but she still harbors guilt in her heart for making opium that killed many people. After she was rescued from Kanryuu she began to work as an assistant doctor, using her extensive medical knowledge. This is her form of atonement.

·  past:
Megumi is the youngest daughter of Ryusei Takani (hope I spelled that right). She comes from a long line of distinguished doctors in Aizu. However, her family became caught up in the Aizu wars and were presumably all killed except for her. 5 years before the start of the story, Megumi came to Tokyo and began to work for a well known doctor in the hopes that if she stayed in the medical field she might find her family again. But the doctor she worked for made opium for Kanryuu Takeda. The doctor was eventually killed and Megumi was forced to make opium in his place.