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Other Imporatant People
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Hajime Saitou
bulletalso known as: narrow eyes, Gorou Fujita
bulletanimal of assosiation: wolf
bulletbirthday: January 1844
bulletblood type: O
bulletheight: 183cm
bulletweight: 71kg
bulletfighting style: Mizoguchi Haiitou Ryu
bulletweapon: Nihontou (Japanese Sword)

Hajime Saitou is the former captain of the Third Squad of the Shinsengumi, and Kenshin's long time adversary from back in the days of the revolution. He works as an undercover policeman and lives by the Shinsengumi motto, which is 'aku soku zan' meaning, 'Slay Evil Instantly'. Saitou is always cool and collected, and enjoys smoking quite a bit. He has no sort of emotional connection to his allies and has no loyalties to anyone buy himself, the exception perhaps being his wife Tokio. Though throughout the story, Saitou is technically on Kenshin's side, the two are still adversaries and Saitou is always trying to convince Kenshin that he should give up his vow to never kill again and become the man he used to be. This is because Saitou believes that ones a hitokiri, always a hitokiri, and that Kenshin is merely fooling himself by being a pacifist. Saitou also has an adversarial relationship with Sanosuke, whom he views as 'an amateur fighter who doesn't know the first thing about self defense'. Saitou is very confident in his abilities and is waiting for the chance to finish his dual with Kenshin once and for all.

  past: As was mentioned before, Saitou is the former captain of the Third Squad of the Shinsengumi. After the Meiji Restoration, he chose to work as an undercover policeman because it was a job where he could still uphold the ideals of the Shinsengumi.



Seijuro Hiko
bulletage: 43 ( ages gracefully, ne? )
bulletalso known as: Shishou
bulletbirthday: Nov. 1836
bulletblood type: O
bulletheight: 189 cm
bulletweight: 87kg
bulletfighting style: Hiten Misturugi Ryu
bulletweapon: katana ( regular Japanese sword )

Hiko is the man who taught Kenshin how to fight and is also the one who raised him for most of his childhood. He is very smug and self-confident. He believes himself to be a genius and thinks that no one is a better fighter, or better looking than he is ( which is somewhat true to a certain point ). Hiko never finished teaching Kenshin since they parted ways before the Restoration, so during the course of the story Kenshin returns to Hiko to complete his training. Hiko enjoys making fun of Kenshin and likes to call him 'baka deshi' meaning 'stupid pupil'. He also really enjoys drinking sake. Hiko is extremely wise and will sometimes share some of his wisdom with Kenshin ( sort of ). He is the one who finally makes Kenshin realize the importance of his own life ( he practically has to beat it into his skull ). Hiko also eventually becomes the love interest of the Oniwaban-shu ninjas Omasu and Okon.

  note: Some people descibe Hiko as a perpetual 'ladies man', but this isn't exactly true. He's somewhat antisocial, spending most of his time in his hut making pottery and not going out of his way to see anyone. He usually likes to be left to himself.

Not much is ever said about Hiko's past before he meets Kenshin other than he ended up accidentally killing his own master when he fully mastered the Hiten Misturugi Ryu ( the student is supposed to end up killing the master when he fully masters it ). Hiko met Kenshin ( who was then very young and named Shinta ) when he saved him from a group of bandits. He renamed him Kenshin and took him under his wing as an apprentice and taught him swordsmanship. They eventually parted ways after an argument on how the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu should be used. While Kenshin went off to fight in the restoration, Hiko stayed behind in his secluded home. Somewhere along the line he decided to take up pottery as a hobby, since he thought it was a good way to show his genius abilities.


bulletage: around 19, close to Sano's age
bulletalso known as: he changed his name to Tsunan Tsukioka
bulletfighting style: he doesn't really use a style
bulletweapon: hand-size bombs that he makes himsel

Katsuhiro ( Katsu for short ) is an artist/writer who was Sano's best friend from back when they were in the Seikihou Tai. Like Sano he hates the Meiji government for what it did to the Seikihou Tai, and even tries to overthrow it using his hand-made bombs. He manages to convince Sano to help him, but after they are stopped by Kenshin Katsu decides to give up and live peacefully. He and Sano remain good friends afterward and he even supplies Sano with bombs for when he goes off to Kyoto. Katsu is a little more serious than Sano and also unlike Sano he isn't a freeloader.

Katsu's past is very similar to Sano's. Both were members of the Seikihou Tai and both looked up to it's captain, Souzo Sagara. When the other members of the Seikihou Tai were killed and Katsu and Sano lost contact until they meet again during the course of the story since each thought that the other was dead. After the Seikihou Tai, Katsu settled in Tokyo and became an artist and also started to make a lot of bombs which he hoped to someday use to overthrow the government.