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Juppon Gatana
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Makoto Shishio
bulletage: 30
bulletbirthday: Jan. 1853
bulletblood type: O
bulletheight: 170 cm
bulletweight: 59kg
bulletfighting style: Homura Dama
bulletweapon: Mugenjin ( a sword w/ VERY fine teeth in it almost like a saw )

·  personality:
Shishio is the leader the Juppon Gatana. He is extremely evil and also insane, which even Shishio himself admits. Shishio hates all weaknesses and lives by the motto, 'The strong will live, the weak will die'. So in other words his philosophy is similar to Darwinism only much more extreme. Shishio is very confident in his abilities and believes that he is the strongest fighter ever. He is extremely intent on taking over Japan so that he can reform the government system so that only the strongest will survive and the weak will become his 'prey'. Shishio is malicious in the fact that he is basically using all of his followers to simply make himself stronger and to weaken his enemies. In fact the only person that Shishio cares about other than himself is his devoted lover, Yumi Komagata. The two share a romantic relationship that only they understand. Fighting and winning is everything to Shishio so he is more than willing to take on Kenshin, whom he knows is the only obstacle in the way of his plans. Shishio, like quite a few people in the RK story hates the Meiji Government since he believes it supports the weak too much and also because of what happened to him in his past.

·  past:
After Kenshin decided to come out into the open as the 'Hitokiri Battousai' during the Meiji Restoration, Shishio was the one who took over his position as the Inshin Shishi's shadow assassin. Unlike Kenshin however Shishio merely took the job because he wanted to show the Inshin Shishi how strong he was, and he carried out many key assassinations for them. After the Restorartion ended the Inshin Shishi became nervous that Shishio might expose their roles in certain assassinations. And so they tried to get rid of him by shooting him many times and then setting his body on fire. However Shishio somehow managed to stay alive. While everyone thought he was dead, he secretly assembled a gigantic fighting force in addition to creating the Juppon Gatana to help him take over Japan and have his revenge on the Meiji government for betraying him.


Yumi Komagata
bulletage: unknown, mid-20s at the youngest
bulletalso known as: Night-Witch, Yumi of the Night
bulletanimal of assosiation: none
bulletfighting style: she doesn't fight
bulletweapon: a dagger that she hides from plain view

·  personality:
When she first appears in the RK series, Yumi Komagata seems to be nothing more than a simple arm decoration for Shishio. As the story progresses though, it becomes very apparent that she is much more than that. Yumi has many qualities of the classic bad girl. She dresses provocatively and has an air of sensuality about her. And she’s definitely ‘evil’ though she’s hardy one-dimensional. Besides being his lover, Yumi is also Shishio’s number one confidant. No one is able to understand him or his aspirations for a new Japan the way that she does. Yumi is completely devoted to Shishio but she is also fond of Soujirou Seta in a platonic sense and often treats him like her little brother. Like Shishio, Yumi has a strong hatred for the Meiji Government and secretly feels jealous of the other members of the Juppon Gatana because the only way that she can really help Shishio is by trying to take care of him since she cannot actually fight. She particularly dislikes Kamatari, another member of the Juppon Gatana because he too, is in love with Shishio. Although she is fully aware of Shishio’s desire to defeat Kenshin, Yumi secretly worries what the effects of such a duel will have on her lover physically.

·  past:
Yumi was once a top- ranked oiran ( the highest level of prostitute in the Red-Light District ). But after an incident known as the 'Mary Ruth Case' the Meiji Government basically declared that prostitutes were no better than animals and thus the title of orian lost any prestige it formerly had. Yumi grew to hate the Meiji Government for its treatment of prostitutes. Somewhere down the line she met Shishio and stopped being an orian after they fell in love.