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Welcome To Our Website!!

    Let us give you guys just a sort of zip-through about our website. Well, we haven't thought of anything great so we decided to put up a website that shows our interest in Anime. This website is more like a Kenshin Himura Shrine to show how much we love this guy!! Wohoo!! I Love you Guy!! WAkekekeke!! So sit back and try to enjoy our site!!


jason would like to all the people especially his stalkers(ahemm..!!), admirers, teachers, friends, romans and countrymen for their ears. here's what they gotta say:

Anthony Daniel

Anthony Daniel | Sunday, December 18, 2005


He is the class "Miburo-Inu" and The class PRES.

Jason at times may be found too silent in my class. But deep inside the head of this individual lies an invision that defies the laws od gravity (^^,) This guy is never a quitter because he continues to fight the good fight courageously. He may be at times very hot headed but that may be used as a tool for others to follow.. A true LEADER

Jason I hope that you continue to PUSH yourself to your limits. You have your own style and your signiture as an artist. Use that to achieve your goals and your aspirations in life..


ilKa haNnaH

ilKa haNnaH | Sunday, July 17, 2005

si jason...,very sporty na..,name a game
and he can play it!..,he's very good in
dancing,ayaw lang gyud na cya
pakantaha kay mag earthquake
nya..,hahaha!.,joke!..,maau sad kaau na
cya mo draw..,ui,by the way imong gi-
draw n baby bugs naa pa ghpon nako
until karon..,h's an
elocutionist,grabe!..,he's very fun to be
with,primi lang katawa,dili man guro na
mahutdan ug joke..,cute sad na
cya,specially his tantalizing eyes!..,and
lastly intelligent!..,his a consistent honor
student in xu..,see.,he's all that!..,has
good personality,cute na intelligent

AndreaStephanie, Saturday, April 30, 2005:

This guy is truely amazing. How can I
prove this staement? Well, I can't prove
it at all. Hayyy!!! Naa na sad si Andrea.
Wala gyu'y pulos maghimo'g testi.
hehehe...But it's true ha. He's really
amazing. If you only know him.. If you
only heard his love stories. Nakz! You'll
surely compare it to a telenovela.
Actually, this guy is the one who taught
me how to be a real human being. He
taught me what love is. But of corse,
we'll not bring back the pass...
Anywayz, I consider this guy as one of
my best friends. He's smart. In fact, he
remains in the semi-honors class. He's
really talented. I can say a lot of things
about him. But with all of those in my
mind, I guess I can't type them all here.
Basta! If you wanna know what I mean
and if you just can't relate, make friends
na lang with him. I'll asure you, you'll
never regret. Coz, he make simple
things extraordinary. That's all for now...
take care of yourself coz I can't find
another you in my life. Keep rocking!


daniel would like to thank his fans for their undying support and patronage. here's what daniel's fans got to say:

Nikki | Saturday, December 24, 2005
mark! nix! daniel! nicanor! hehehe.
I used to call this guy "mark" back when we were still in our grade school years (actually grade 5 and 6 lang. hehe.) Pero now, i call him nics and he calls me niks. oh diba nice?=) eniwei, this guy is one of my bestfriends. i dont know how we came up with that bsta, we just labeled ourselves with that kind of friendship. and because of that, we became close. pero karon ra jud mi na close ug grabe. Gosh this guy has done a lot for me. and i still continue asking for more favors. hehe. joke! because jokes are half meant. i cant remember a time where he said no to me. he's always there for me. 24/7. hehe. i owe this guy a lot. literally and figuratively. (Load?? right?hehe). a good friend jud. and a loyal and faithful lover. ehem! take good care of yourself and your health okay?i love you so much. merry christmas!mwah! =)
ia KaIcHeE ii
ia KaIcHeE ii | Thursday, December 22, 2005
oi Nicz..... aheheheh......
beh.... he's a gud fren of mine.... as in...
i dunno nag ka-close lang mi ug kalit (really?!?) jke... he's impressive grave ug talents.... as in.... maipagmamalaki gyud.... from music, to sports down to academics.... he has it all.... well bilib gyud kow ani sa iya.... as in grave ka sabay..... gwapo pa gyud... dba Nicz?!?.... ahehehe.... he's not choosy wen 8 comes to frens coz he's simply a guy whom u can approach easily.... and indeed he's very hyper.... very energetic.... and one thing i lyk best bout this guy is dat he's always willing to listen and lend a hand... and dats Nicanor mah true fren.......

****MeRrY X-MaS N A HaPi NeW YeAr****

peace awt \m/......
ciao ; )

i was hir...
Sylvia | Monday, December 19, 2005
Nix, sori la pa yung gift ha... next lyf n lang... =>

nix here is my only friend who i consider to be my greatest enemy... ahahaha!! palagi kaming nag-aaway on something stupid and cheap... =>

tru, he's makulit, but that's just the shell, he's actually worse inside... bwahahaha!!! =>

although i seldom hang out with this guy, nix still remains as my KAIBIGAN because i think he nids me to worsen his lovely days... =>

lastest progress on my friend here is his constant visit to the Library... (NERD!! ) and striclty on DIET (oi, na consciuos... tapad kasi niya iya crush)ehehehe..=> Promiz, nag niwang ka karn...

but though he's gone nerdy and slimming, he will always be the only KAIBIGAN who i fight with by the doorway of any classrum.. => mind you, napildi nako.. gaka daog lang xa sa ako ke na luoy ko sa iya... bcn muhilak pa lang, mahurot gyud ako allowance ani ug pagpakaon... =>

anyway, so much for making lait to my friend... => Merry Christmas NIX!! Ciao!!


Jason and Daniel thanks: special acknowledgement to Tita Doms (Josan) for her great assistance and well being. thanks to God, for without him you wont be able to view this website and we also wouldnt be able to create this. Tnx God!


daniel: (yo fans! e-mail ur appreciation letters to!! .. tnk u fans.)

jason:( thanks guys!! thanks fans!! and stalkerSzz!! salamat sa BEST ENSEMBLE!! heheh!)